Islam Terrorist Get Support From -Lawrence Pintak- Washington State University

Source Journalists’ guide to Islam called cave-in to political correctness
Full Text of Islam for Journalists
mtcm Founding dean of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University Lawrence Pintak recently co-edited an e-book meant to be a field guide for journalists when reporting on Islamic issues.

More Political Correct Liberal Bull Shit.
We must be Political Correct because we don”t want to offend Islam Terrorist, murders, suicide bombers. Wishing to terrorize and kill American citizens.

In my opinion Muhammed and his radical followers are nothing less than terrorist, child molesters and pedophiles.

America’s Electrical Grid Under Attack By Obama And EPA

Source EPA coal rules leaving US vulnerable to power blackouts
Facing the Obama administration’s “war on coal,” some utility officials are warning that fewer coal-fired power plants could leave the U.S. power system vulnerable to brownouts and blackouts in the near future.

Officials warn that intense summer heat or extreme winter cold could soon be too much for the (electric grid) system to handle.

Mike Duncan, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
said “EPA regulation(s) from five years ago is closing about 20 percent of the coal plants. EPA Regulations being proposed now could close an additional 20 percent of coal plants. That creates huge stresses we’re just not ready for anything like that in this country.”

African-Americans contend it is “sacred ground” and no place to play baseball

Source Virginia ballpark proposal stirs slave-trade memories
RICHMOND, Va. A proposal to build a ballpark in the slave trading center of the former capital of the Confederacy has stirred opposition from African Americans who contend it is “sacred ground” and no place to play baseball.

WTF is this all about? Slave trade and the civil war ended 150 years ago.
To African descendants I say Grow up, Get a life, get a hobby, get a brain. There is no one alive that had anything to do with slave ownership or slave trade!

Sacred Ground my ass! This is an economic development project in Shockoe Bottom, the city’s oldest neighborhood. designed to pull the poor up the economic ladder for better life’s and living conditions.

Supporters of the stadium have countered that brick-and-mortar remnants of the slave trade have long ago disappeared. They also have proposed a slave memorial and a $30 million museum as part of the project.

Mayor Dwight C. Jones who is African American, said this issue is “very personal” to him and the overall development will create jobs and economic growth for the city of 200,000.

Obama, Pentagon and U.S. Military Abandons $6 Billion Dollars Of Equipment

Source Scrap Heap of War: Billions in equipment being left behind in Afghanistan
The United States military leaving $6 billion worth of U.S. assets behind as it withdraws from Afghanistan.

That includes 850 MRAPS (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles which have been credited with saving countless lives from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on the road, but now will either be given to an allied country (as long as they pay the shipping costs) or for scrap on the Afghan market.

170 million pounds of vehicles, equipment and “white gear” That’s all the non-military stuff that contractors have been using, like furniture, generators, chemical toilets, air conditioners, non-classified computers and more are being left behind. What they cannot, or will not, donate or sell to the Afghans or to allies is being destroyed so that it doesn’t fall into Taliban hands. Reports indicate that most of the $6 billion worth of materiel will indeed be sold for scrap or thrown in the junkyard.

Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright said “excess equipment” like base operating support equipment, forklifts, generators and other supplies (given) to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), and (still) has more than $53 billion in equipment and support including 160 aircraft, 100,000 vehicles, 500,000 weapons and 200,000 pieces of communications and night-vision equipment.

EPA Wants To Regulate Your Wood Burning Stove

Source Obama administration proposes wood stove regulations
Wood Stove User Alert Obama’s administration and the EPA propose ‘New’ regulations on construction and use of wood stoves in your living room.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a rule changes in January that would dramatically tighten emissions requirements on new wood-powered heaters. As an example, This dispute pits several mostly urban states, mainly in the northeast, against some rural states such as South Dakota, which says the rules would impose an unfair burden on people in remote areas. About one in four South Dakota homes has a fireplace or wood stove.

Senator John Thune and Rep. Kristi Noem said “Leave it to the EPA to impose more regulations on an affordable and renewable fuel source after one of the coldest winters on record and a costly propane shortage.”

Many states are continuing to deal with a propane shortage, which has resulted in record high propane prices. “Many families turn to secondary sources of heat, such as wood stoves, when propane and heating fuel prices increase.” Residential propane prices surged this winter to $4 a gallon, nearly double the typical rate.

Rep. Billy Long, R-Mo., said “The EPA should not make it harder for families to heat their homes with wood stoves and ban the production of America’s current wood burning stoves.”

Maine Gov. Paul LePage said “another concern is that the EPA’s proposal does not distinguish between catalytic and noncatalytic wood stoves, which produce different smoke emissions. He said the agency could eliminate noncatalytic stoves by holding both types to the same standard.”

The EPA omment period on the new regulations is drawing to a close and the EPA will then move to the next phase of its rule making process.

Hillary Clinton Now John Kerry Can’t Account For $6 Billion Contract Dollars

Source State Department can’t fully account for $6B worth of contracts
The State Department has a “serious” problem accounting for how it has spent billions of dollars on contracts all over the world, according to the official watchdog that oversees the sprawling department.

The Office of Inspector General, in a March 20 “management alert” to department leaders, said the department has failed to provide all or some of the files for $6 billion worth of contracts in the last six years.

“The failure to maintain contract files adequately creates significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions,” the memo said.

State Department contracting officials could not provide dozens of files for contracts supporting the U.S. Mission in Iraq. The value of the contracts in the missing files? $2.1 billion.

Another audit of the Bureau of African Affairs showed officials were unable to come up with “complete contract administration files” for any of the eight contracts under review. Their value was nearly $35 million.

Auditors ran into the same problem when reviewing $1 billion in contracts in the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.

Obama Administration Fails To Protect Service Members

source Fort Hood shooting renews calls for ending gun restrictions on base
Obama, Secretary of defense Chuck Hagel, the Pentagon, Army Secretary John McHugh III Corp Commander, Fort Hood have all failed in Leadership and providing a secure work place and homes for military personnel living on post.