Pee(urinate) In The Shower To Save Water

:-) You Can’t make This Stuff Up.

Source students urged to urinate in shower

University students are being urged to urinate in the shower in a bid to save water.

The Go with the Flow campaign is the brainchild of students Debs Torr and Chris Dobson, from the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich.

They want the university’s 15,000 students to take their first wee of the day while having their morning shower.

Mr Dobson, 20, said the idea could “save enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool 26 times”.

Obama’s Domestic And Foreign Policies – More Failed White House Plans

Obama talks tough sending U.S. Fighter aircraft and Bombers to attack ISIS targets in Syria oil fileds.
Islamic Terrorist close in to capture Syrian town of Kobani, where as many as 400,000 Kurdish residents and refugees are holed up.

U.S. Unemployment applications rise to 293 thousand last week. The total number of people receiving benefits ticked up by 7,000 to 2.4 million.
40 percent of all working age Americans are either Unemployed, have Given Up on looking for a job or are receiving welfare payments and don’t want a job.

Orders for long-lasting U.S. manufactured goods (durable goods) in August posted their biggest drop on record. Orders in the transportation category declined 42.0 percent last month as civilian aircraft orders tumbled 74.3 percent.

China’s steel consumption dropped this year for the first time since at 2000 due to slower economic growth, leading to a surplus of iron ore in the country and a more than 40 percent plunge in prices of the steel making raw material.

The decline in China’s steel consumption this year marks the first time demand has shrunk since 2000, said CLSA commodity strategist Ian Roper, who has tracked the data since that year. This reinforces our view that there will be a multi year downtrend in demand for iron ore, and there’s no hope for a recovery in prices.

Baosteel President Dai Zhihao said current low iron ore prices are here to stay.

School Punishes A Child For Sharing Food

California boy gets detention for sharing school-prepared lunch with another student

American Hero Kyle Bradford, a student at Weaverville Elementary School in Weaverville, Calif., was disciplined after sharing his chicken burrito with a friend who didn’t like the cheese sandwich he was given by the school cafeteria lady!

Kyle Bradford said “It seemed like he(his friend) couldn’t get a normal lunch (from school lunch lady) so I just wanted to give mine to him because I wasn’t really that hungry and it was just going to go in the garbage if I didn’t eat it.

Tom Barnett, the Superintendent(lunch room food terrorist) of the Trinity Alps Unified School District said “because of liability(insurance) we cannot allow students to exchange meals.

This Son Of A Bitch or maybe he’s just an old bastard but either way him and the school lunch lady are more concerned about pleasing the school insurance agent than providing healthy meals to their students.

Everyone employed by this school from the Superintendent to the Nazi acting Lunch Room – food police – should be fired and replaced by real caring humans.

This type of action to feed a hungry child is not what I expect from School administrators at all levels. These are not the actions of intelligent caring public employees.

Stupid In School

village-idiot Source School tells Missouri boy his 9/11 souvenir violates school weapons policy

Roger Feagan, the superintendent of the Norborne R-VIII School District is simply put a silly SOB that’s to stupid to be a school superintendent.

Punishing a child for bring a souvenir shell casing handed out by veterans at a 9/11 ceremony to school is a Stupid act by an Ignorant person.

Roger Feagan should be suspended without pay for a period not less than 14 days. The local school board should review his records and determine if he should remain employed by this school system.

Marriott Hotel & Motels and Maria Shriver – $57.6 Million Dollar SCAM

Marriott is launching a program with Maria Shriver to put envelopes in hotel rooms to encourage tipping.

Envelopes will be placed in 160,000 rooms in the U.S. and Canada. Some 750 to 1,000 hotels will participate from Marriott brands like Courtyard, Residence Inn, J.W. Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and Renaissance hotels.

Do the math! 160,000 rooms generating 1 dollar per day = $57.6 million dollars a year customer rip-off. Wow What a money generating SCAM for the Marriott motel and hotel lodging chain.

Do not and I will say that again, Do Not tip a a housekeeper (maid) for doing the job they were hired and being paid by their employer to do.

Tipping maids, housekeepers is just another SCAM to separate paying customers from more of their hard earned cash!

Obama Outraged by Terrorist Beheading Of Kidnap American and British Citizens

Where was Obama’s outrage when terrorist attack the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya killing Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith and two Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty all four were American citizens?

Were these four Americans life’s less important, less valuable than the two American and one British citizen beheaded by the now re-branded Islamic terrorist, ISIS, ISIL, IS members?

Why did Obama’s administration attempt try to downplay and sweep this Terrorist Act under the rug?
What is Obama, and his administration trying to conceal (hide) from the American people?
Why is the U.S. State Department, then headed up by Hillary Clinton, the FBI, CIA, NSA and DOJ refusing to speak publicly to congressional members about the Benghazi attack and the deaths of four American citizens?

Don’t let Obama or Hillary Clinton or any of her gang tell you that this is old news or that the U.S. Government or our military could not have prevented these four American citizens from dieing at the hands of Islamic Terrorist.

Mr. Obama, No More Vacations Or Golf Outings. Do Your Job As Americas President

There are three(3) types of leaders.
* 1. There are those that make things happen.
* 2. Some just watch things happen.
* 3. Then there are the most common type leaders. They are the one’s that wonder what the hell just happened.

President Obama and British Prime Minister (PM) David Cameron seem to be type three(3) leaders. Unaware and unwilling to take decisive action, standing in their tax payer funded office, Scratching their ass and wondering what has happened!

Why the hell are we (U.S. Government) not dropping American made bombs, delivered by American pilots, using American made Fighters and Bombers 24 hours a day on Islamic Terrorist targets. aka IS, ISIS, ISIL and Al Qaeda all are Islamic Terrorist. All Islamic Terrorist everywhere not just in Iraq should be under attack by by America and out Allies 24 hours a day, 7 day a week!