Black People – Burn And Loot America

Rioting, Burning cars & trucks and Looting businesses is a sure way to gain the respect and support of white people.

Business owners and operators should walk away from the rubble that once was their business and rebuild ‘Far’ from downtown Ferguson, Mo.

Ferguson, Missouri – Black On White – Black On Cop Violence

Ferguson, Missouri, the world can see the results of 150 years of federal imposed desegregation, federal governments (DoJ) selective use of federal hate crime laws. The only thing state and federal race based laws have accomplished is to silence public speech and drive race based hate underground. Many blacks attitudes towards whites are no better than the KKK’s agenda. Maybe even worse, at least you know where the KKK stands on it’s race based hate speech agenda.

Blacks hating whites and whites hating blacks has not gone away. Blacks and whites distrust of city, state and federal law enforcement agencies is obvious from the reactions of all races in Ferguson, Mo. long running race based hate speech by both whites and blacks.

There were 29 arrests made after protesters fired more than 100 gunshots, burned and looted as many as 25 buildings and vandalized police cars in Ferguson, Mo. Arsonist and Looters should be shot on the spot.

Cleveland Cops Kill Unarmed 12 Year Old Boy

Cleveland Cops Kill Unarmed 12 Year Old Boy (In what can only be cops murdering a unarmed U.S. citizen.)
Tamir Rice died from his wounds Sunday, a day after officers responded to a 911 call about someone waving a “probably fake” gun at a playground.

Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said one officer fired twice after the boy pulled the fake weapon (which was lacking the orange safety indicator) usually found on the muzzle from his waistband. Tamir Rice had not pointed it(the toy gun) at police. The boy did not make any verbal threats, but grabbed the replica handgun after being told to raise his hands.

It seems that in Cleveland, Failing to raise your hands for police is a Death Offense

Department of Defense Said 71% of America’s 17-24 Old’s Unfit For Military

June 2014 Defense Department estimates, about 71 percent of the 34 million young adults ages 17 to 24 would not be able to enlist if they tried, not counting people turned away for tattoos or other cosmetic issues.

The major problem is being Fat(obese) But young adults are also being turned away because they lack high school diplomas, have felony convictions or can not pass a drug test.

New rules issued in March 2014 forbid large scale tattoos or more than four visible on a soldier’s arms or legs. Tattoos are forbidden on other parts of the body not covered by a uniform.

New recruits are also having problems passing the Armed Forces Qualification Test, which measures their reading and math skills. Many are not educationally qualified to join the military in any capacity.

European Parliament Set To Break-Up Google?

Source European Parliament may propose Google break-up
EU member states(countries) can not or to date have not develop successful technologies to compete with Google and other American based search engines.

European politicians have grown increasingly concerned about Google’s and other American companies‘ command of the Internet industry, and have sought ways to curb their power.

European perceptions of the United States in general is fear of American technology. But recent revelations about U.S. surveillance practices, including that Washington monitored German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone, have ignited a strong backlash[against the U.S.], particularly in Germany, where the historic experiences of Nazism and Communism have left people deeply suspicious of powerful institutions controlling personal data.

Schwab and Tremosa said “Google continues to suppress competition to the detriment of European consumers and businesses.

Send your message of disapproval to the EU Parliament. Boycott products made by any of the EU member countries.

Marion Barry – Not A Shining Example For Our Children

Liberal News media, honors Marion Barry, March 6, 1936 – November 23, 2014, a Washington D.C. criminal. News Media omits all references to ex-mayor Marion Barry’s criminal drug possession and use history as well as the time he spent in federal prisons.

Source marion barry January 1990, when he was videotaped smoking crack cocaine and arrested by FBI officials on drug charges. The arrest precluded Barry seeking reelection, and he served six months in a federal prison.
On January 18, 1990, Barry was arrested with a former girlfriend, Hazel Diane “Rasheeda” Moore, in a sting operation at the Vista Hotel by the FBI and D.C. Police for crack cocaine use and possession. Moore was an FBI informant when she invited Barry to the hotel room and insisted that he smoke freebase cocaine before they had sex, while agents in another room watched on camera, waiting for Barry to accept her offer. During the videotaped arrest, Barry says of Moore, “Bitch set me up I shouldn’t have come up here goddamn bitch”.

Barry was charged with three felony counts of perjury, 10 counts of drug possession, and one misdemeanor count of conspiracy to possess cocaine, even though the cocaine belonged to the government informant. The criminal trial ended in August 1990 with a conviction for only one possession incident, which had occurred in November 1989, and an acquittal on another.

Barry was sentenced to six months in federal prison shortly before the November election, which he lost. His wife and son moved out of the house later that month. In October 1991, Barry surrendered himself at a correctional facility in Petersburg, Virginia. While serving his time, Barry was accused of letting a woman perform oral sex on him in a prison waiting room. Barry was transferred to another federal prison in Loretto, Pennsylvania. Barry was released in April 1992.

Somali – Loving Non-Violent Muslims? – Murder 28 Non-Muslims

Somali Islamist group staged an attack in Kenya in which gunmen ordered 28 Non-Muslims off a bus and then murdered them. Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo said 19 men and nine women were shot at close range and were killed.

Muslim hate for non-muslims is and old hate that goes back to the time of the crusades (1095 AD – 1291 AD).
Many Muslims (Islamist militants) use the term “crusaders” to describe Christians or non-Muslims.