Religious group (AGI) threatens Kentucky Tourism Board – over tax credit denial

Source Religious group threatens to sue over tax credit denial for Noah’s Ark-themed park

An Amusement Park whether it is owned or operated by a religious group called “Answers in Genesis” (AIG) or by Joe Average citizen. Must pay all Federal, State and City – Income tax, Sales tax and Payroll tax just like any other business.

Religious group “Answers in Genesis” (AIG) Must not be given any special monetary incentives derived from Kentucky Tourism Board funded by Kentucky Tax payers.

Acting like thugs and bullies, Answers in Genesis (AIG), is threatening Kentucky with a federal lawsuit to illegally gain tax incentives for the building of a religious based Amusement Park.

Church / Religion based bulling at it’s worst.

Oklahoma to challenge Colorado pot laws

Neighboring states challenge Colorado pot laws in top U.S. court

News flash For Oklahoma Governor Stop your damn whining.

Stop whining and either legalize recreational marijuana or step up cross state line drug enforcement.

Oklahoma challenged neighboring Colorado’s recreational marijuana laws in the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday amid complaints its pot was seeping across their borders. Colorado vowed to defend its laws.

Marijuana is classified as an illegal narcotic under federal law, however, President Barack Obama’s administration has given individual states leeway to frame their own rules.

EU Court Said Obesity ‘could be a disability’

Source Fat Obese people ‘could be disabled’

WTF? Now fat people are disabled and may gain assess to government disability benefits.

Only a bunch of Old Fat European Bureaucrats could come to a stupid conclusion that Fat people may qualify for government disability benefit payments.

Why Are So Many Of Our Kids So Messed Up? Teacher Spouts Hate Speech

Source It’s okay to hate Republicans,’ Michigan professor writes

Susan Douglas wrote
, “I can’t stand the thought of having to spend the next two years watching Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Darrell Issa or any of the legions of other blowhards denying climate change, thwarting immigration reform or championing fetal ‘personhood.'”

Bobby Schostak, the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, called the piece “ugly and full of hatred” and called for her resignation.

Susan Douglas should be fired, charged with hate speech crimes and above all never be allowed to work as a teacher or be allowed within 1 mile of a public school.

South Pittsburg, TN. – City Votes – No First Amendment Rights In Our Town

Source [a must read] South Pittsburg, TN – Bans Negative Online Comments

stupid in america South Pittsburg, Tenn., has just barred anyone professionally connected to South Pittsburg from criticizing the town on social media.

The town of 3,000 people, just passed a resolution on Dec. 9 that applies to anyone professionally connected to South Pittsburg including employees, volunteers, and contractors from “publicly discuss[ing] information about other employees and/or volunteers not approved for public communication” on social media, according to the official resolution.
It also warns against writing anything on a personal Facebook (FB) page or on Twitter (TWTR) that might be considered defamatory or libelous. People “should have no expectation of privacy whatsoever,” the policy states.

Helen Norton, a professor at the University of Colorado School of Law who studies free speech as it applies to government workers said “This policy is dangerously broad.”

How did a town of 3000 people get saddled with so many idiots?

Kim Jong-Un – North Korea’s Most Uneventful Three Years

Source, a must read report Kim Jong-un’s [un]eventful three years in power
Pyongyang, DPRK. 9th December, 2014. Photo provided by Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Dec. 9, 2014 shows top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong Un (front) applauding in front of the participants in the Second Meeting That little Fat Korean Kid, Kim Jong Un. Can now put on his Résumé all of his accomplishments as the little fat kid dictator of North Korea.

In only three years, Kim Jong un has launched ambitious projects to shore up the North Korean economy, All have been big failures.
Kid Kim Jong Un did manage to (murder) executed his uncle.
Have a tiny fat son.
All this before he snapped his ankles after becoming to fat for his ankles to support his fat ass.

Fat Boy Kim has threatened to attack the United States and South Korea on numerous time over the past 3 years.
Another failure. Just more idle threats from a fat kid dictator with little or no power to back up his big mouth.

If there is a single general in North Korea with a back bone, the first thing he must do is break Kim Jong Un’s chop sticks and pour out his bottle of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee whiskey.

Missouri School Punished Blind Child – Takes Away His Cane

Source Missouri school punished blind child by replacing cane with pool toy

This Un-named Gracemor Elementary School employee Must be arrested, charged with child abuse and jailed for not less than 5 years.

What the hell is going on in Missouri Schools?