Trigger Happy Cop Kill Unarmed Citizen

Washington police kill man after he pointed a cellphone

Law enforcement official says officers shot and killed a man in a Lakewood, Washington, lumberyard last month because he pointed a cellphone at them.

Another example of trigger happy cops killing unarmed citizens.

These cops Must be arrested and charger with the murder of an unarmed American citizen.

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D., Fla.) I Can’t Live On $174,000.00 Salary

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D., Fla.) said at Rules Committee hearing that members of Congress, who make an average of $174,000 per year, “aren’t being paid properly.”

Alcee Hastings owes millions of dollars in legal bills racked up while fighting corruption allegations.

Aside from access to subsidized travel, gym memberships, haircuts, and the like, congressmen have a retirement plan which averages about $40,000 a year.

It seems that Hastings is to incompetent or just to stupid to develop and use a budget. Now I know how and why the US congress has spent America into a 7+ trillion budget deficit.

This bleeding butt hole is another democrat making a money grab. Whining that American Tax payers are not paying enough for it’s congressman’s services.

$174,000.000 dollars a year. Just how much does this Idiot think he is worth?

Los Angeles Village Idiots Votes to Increase Minimum Wage 67 Percent

Source LA City Council votes for $15 minimum wage

Los Angeles Village Idiots(city counsel) has voted to increase the cities minimum wage from it’s current $9.00 an hour to $15.00 dollars and hour.

LA’s Village Idiots(City Council members) said “raising minimum wage to $15.00 an hour will ease LA’s high housing costs”.

Where did these idiots study business basics and business accounting? Disney Land University?

LA’s Village Idiots don’t have a clue how business works. They don’t understand that companies are not Not For Profit organizations. For a business to keep it’s doors open, keep it’s employes on the payroll, they must make a profit.

LA’s Village Idiots ignorant. They don’t understand that every manufacturer, every service provider, every retailer/wholesaler, those that provide home and business rentals and construction companies. All businesses have the cost of doing business directly tied to labor cost.

Over a short period of time companies will be forced to increase prices to maintain a profit margin or close their doors. Many will be forced into bankruptcy proceedings.

Some employees will be fired. Others will have hours cut(made part time employes) to reduce cost associated with providing benefits to full time employees.

A large number of companies / businesses that do not rely on walk-in customers will simply relocate to areas outside the city limits of LA. This will allow businesses to avoid LA’s anti-business decisions (city ordinances).
Relocating will in the end place business in a better position to provide products and services to their customers at a lower cost than their competitors operating in the city of Los Angeles.

In the end, few if any employees will actually have more disposable income.

Cop Did Not Shoot Unarmed Citizen, To Busy Stealing Gasoline

Source Officer arrested for stealing gas for wife’s BMW

Officer Emil Lugo has been charged with felony fraud for stealing the county fuel.

Lugo fueling his vehicle at a fuel station rarely used by police officers but the computer records tracing the amounts of fuel consumed appeared to exceed the miles driven.

On Feb. 22, the 16 year veteran was seen on surveillance footage at the county fuel site, removing a red gas container from his marked police cruiser and filling it up.

Video from March 8 shows Lugo and his cruiser at his home. After briefly going inside, he is seen returning with the red container and filling up a black BMW parked in his driveway. According to police, the vehicle is registered to his wife.

Myron Penn Vandalizes Cemetery

Source Confederate flags at cemetery
Myron Penn Vandalizes Union Springs, Alabama Cemetery. Steals flags from an old Confederate cemetery.

This man ‘Must’ be arrested, charged and tried for his crimes of Vandalism and Theft. What kind of sick mind vandalizes and steals form a cemetery?

Cop Assaults Homeless Man

Fort Lauderdale cop caught on video slapping a homeless man.

Victor Ramirez was charged with three misdemeanors, two counts of battery for pushing and slapping the homeless man, and one count of falsifying records.
In the video, (cop) Victor Ramirez can be heard threatening to beat up the 58 year old homeless man.

Cops Send Racist And Homophobic Text Messages

San Francisco police send Racist And Homophobic text messages

San Francisco police have come under fire after federal prosecutors released racist and homophobic text messages between officers.
This may not be a localized problem limited to the 14 officers that are being investigated.

The texts have turned the case of six officers accused of stealing from drug dealers into a racially charged scandal.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr has moved to fire eight officers, two of whom have retired. Six others are also facing discipline.

Three Fort Lauderdale, Florida officers were fired last month and a fourth resigned after they were found to have exchanged racist messages about colleagues and the predominantly black neighborhood they patrolled.

More criminal activity by cops is being investigated.
Videos showed officers entering the building then leaving with bags and other items that were never accounted for in evidence logs or court proceedings. The video also appeared to show officers entering rooms without warrants or permission from the residents.