Obama and his White House gang – Ignores U.S. Immigration Laws

Source Colleges using coffers for financial aid to illegal immigrants

Truth Obama and his White House gang won’t tell you.
It is a federal crime to enter the United States without proper documentation. Illegal Aliens(immigrants) are criminals.
A criminal by any other name or definition is still a criminal

Colleges and Universities administrators that provide finical assistance to Criminal Illegal Aliens(immigrants) must be arrested and charged with aiding federal criminals. And if convicted be jailed for a minimum of 5 years.

John Boehner Poor Leadership Disqualifies Him To Continue As House Speaker

John Boehner’s back room, secret deals with democrats disqualifies him to continue as House Speaker.
We (republicans) must fire Boehner and elect a person with the highest morels. A leader that will stand up to the liberal democrats. A person that can and will lead the republican party all the way to the White House in 2016.

House Representative Tulsi Gabbard – Attacked By Democrats For Speaking The Truth

Tulsi Gabbard, twice-deployed 33 year old Army veteran continues to challenge the president over his refusal to identify terror groups like the Islamic State as being motivated by radical Islam.

Tulsi Gabbard is being attacked by her own democratic party members for speaking the truth.
Obama worshiping democrats are out to discredit Representative Tulsi Gabbard and to damage she reputation anyway possible. Speaking what they know are lies and misleading statements.

Not being Hawaiian I can not vote for this brave truth speaking House member. However she does have my full and unwavering support as an American Citizen.

It would be a new and refreshing time to have a person in the White House that knows the truth and is not afraid to speak the truth.

No More Bush Presidents – No More Bush Wars

Jeb Bush said ” illegal immigrants. “We should give them a path to legal status where they work, where they don’t receive government benefits.
Jrb Bush has clearly indicated that he will not enforce Americas Immigration Laws. He will not support or enforce the arrest and deportation of the estimated 12 million Illegal ‘Criminal’ Aliens(immigrants). residing in the United States.

Jeb Bush’s Father GHW Bush (president 41) Gulf war 1, 1990 – 1991, and his brother GW Bush (president 43) Iraq and Afghanistan wars, ushered in 15 years of American military forces being sent into to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have had more than enough of the Bush clans questionable presidential leadership.

Adolf Hitler’s Play Book – Ban The Bullets

Source ATF pushes 5.56mm bullet ban, threatens(targets) top selling AR15 rifle

Obama and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives(ATF) want to Disarm American citizens using Obama’s favorite weapon, Executive Orders..
Obama and the ATF’s first step is to ban 5.56mm bullets used in many hunting and recreation fire arms. Then follow that Executive Order up with a total ban on all rifle, shotgun and handgun ammunition.

That’s a page taken directly from Adolf Hitlers play book. (Government control of it’s citizens.)

1) Disarm the citizens Ban the bullets)
2) Confiscate their guns Unarmed citizens present no threat to Armed Cops
3) Arrest and murder those opposing government policy.

This is Very Dangerous and must be stopped.

Don’t set by doing ‘Nothing’.
Call. email, write your Congress person. Demand they stop Obama and his White House gangs attempt to Ban Ammunition.

Obama White House In Panic Mode Over PM Netanyahu’s Speech To Congress

Top Obama adviser calls Netanyahu visit ‘destructive’

Obama and his White House gang seem to believe that Congress does not have the right to invite a foreign Prime Minister or President to speak directly to Congress. It seems that Obama thinks that foreign Prime Ministers and Presidents do not have the right to accept invitations from Congress.

It’s truly sad that the U.S. Congress can only get at the truth via Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and not from our own President and his White House gang.

GMO foods V DNA foods

Oklahoma State University periodically conducts a respected food survey. This month they added a question on GMOs.

Specifically, people were asked, Do you support mandatory labels on GMOs? Eighty-two percent said yes. 82 percent of people surveyed got this question correct.
Then they were asked whether they support mandatory labels products containing DNA. Eighty percent said yes. 83 percent of the people surveyed are to Ignorant to to answer survey questions.
Hint: DNA is the material that encodes genetic instructions in all known living beings. All plants. All animals.