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Fat Lazy And Unemployed

source read Peter Morici take on America’s new leisure class

The lie: President Obama, the U.S. economy is firing on all cylinders. Yet it is hardly creating jobs at a breakneck pace.
The Truth: Too many able bodied men have grown lazy and show no interest in working.

Since the recovery began, the economy has averaged 2.3 percent GDP growth and created 183,000 jobs per month. Adjusting for a smaller economy in the 1980s, the Reagan recovery accomplished twice that progress.

The Lie: Headline News reports unemployment rate has fallen to 5.7 percent>
The Truth: More than 10 million men between the ages of 25 and 64 have no job and make no effort to find one.

Obama’s plan has made abusing federal disability programs, easy access to free health care and food stamps and other welfare programs. Obama’s recovery plan encourages healthy able bodied men to mooching off of girlfriends, wives and other relatives, as a reasonable alternative to work.

This new leisure class that watch endless analyses of college basketball and NFL matchups on ESPN. Too many prime working age men, many with college diplomas and work experience but who lost higher paying jobs during the recession have determined it is either unprofitable, beneath their dignity or too inconvenient to get their fat ass up off the couch and look for gainful employment.

Obama Forcing American Corporations To Seek Tax Relief By Moving Overseas

Source White House eyes executive action to raise corporate tax rates

To financially support Obama’s socialist style welfare programs.
The White House is moving closer to the idea of raising (corporations) taxes by executive action, the same path President Obama took to push through his (Illegal and unconstitutional) immigration policies.

Obama and his White House gangs tax plan will rob corporations (American companies) and their share holders of an estimated $100 Billion dollars in the next 10 years.

How many more American companies will now seek tax relief by moving to business friendly countries like Ireland? Causing the total loss of tax revenues and in the end the loss of thousands of American jobs.

Senator Cory Gardner, R-Colo., said “I worry that unilateral action, publicly justified by your spokesperson as a response to an obstinate Congress and dependent upon an improper expansion of executive power, is becoming standard practice under this Administration,” he wrote in a letter to the president. “… Just as troubling are recent reports that your Administration is exploring ways in which it can implement new tax revenues without the support of either house of Congress.”

Obama Shows His True Stripes – Veto’s Jobs Bill

Source Obama vetoes construction of Keystone XL pipeline

Obama vetoed the Keystone pipeline bill that would have created more than 40,000 good paying jobs, infused cash flow to American manufactures supplying products to the Keystone pipeline project. Keystone pipeline project would have been a huge step towards Americas oil independence from unreliable middle east and South American oil cartels.

Obama’s uncaring anti-labor, anti-business, anti-Middle class attitude towards Americas transportation industry, housing and lodging industry and the many thousands of food service workers highlights Obama’s true feelings toward Americas working class.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, called the veto a “national embarrassment.”
Senate leader McConnell’s office said the “Senate plans to vote on overriding Obama’s veto sometime before March 3.”

Fly in the ointment. Keystone pipeline bill received 62 yes votes in the Senate, but to override Obama’s veto they would need 67 yes votes. In the House of Representatives, Keystone pipeline received 270 votes. However they will need 281 votes to override Obama’s Keystone pipeline veto.

Mr. Obama Is Totally Clueless – Doesn’t Understand How ObamaCare Law Works

President Barack Obama scolded the US office supply giant Staples for using a rule in the Affordable Care Act as an excuse to limit its workers’ hours.
What part of Stalpes following Obamas pet project, ObamaCare law does he(Obama) not understand?

Obama and his gang of socialist thinking democrats, designed, wrote and then force fed ObamaCare to the American people.
Now when business follows his(Obamas) ObamaCare law all we here from the White House is constant whining by the president and his White House gang.

Staples said “Obama appears not to have all the facts because they say the policy limiting part time hours wasn’t the result of Obamacare.”

Jake Novak, CNBC ask “Does President Obama believe that ‘shame on you’ is a real policy?” Novak says it’s not illegal for Staples to try to cut costs by avoiding the mandate’s threshold, and he wonders if it’s right for a president to single out a company for doing just that.

Ed Morrissey said “Staples executives are protecting the shareholders at whom Obama scoffs from paying large costs associated with the kind of employer-based policies that ObamaCare mandates by limiting their hours.”

I Declare Sheikh Munajjid – Saudi Arabia’s Village Idiot

village idiot Source Saudi cleric declares snowmen as being anti-Islamic

Saudi cleric Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid said “building snowmen creates an image of human beings, an action viewed as sinful under Saudi Arabia’s interpretation of Sunni Islam. It is not permitted to make a statue out of snow.”

Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid has beyond a dough got to be the worlds biggest idiot and the stupidest Islam cleric on earth. This idiot has to be self appointed without a days worth of religious study or training.
Muslims every where would be better served if Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid was polishing shoes on a street corner. Leaving religions studies and preaching to those who are better trained and qualified.

Pull your head out of your rectum! It’s balls of snow stacked one on top of another.
I feel secure in saying. A snowman or maybe snow-woman is not going to be declared a Holy or religions sight.

Fat People Die 8 Years Sooner Than ‘Normal’ Weight People

Obesity Can Knock as Much as 8 Years Off Your Life

Canadian researchers said “Being Fat(obese) can slash eight years off your life and leave you in ill health for up to 19 years before that death.

Dr. Steven Grover said “In terms of life expectancy, we feel being overweight is as bad as cigarette smoking.”

Parents of non-medical caused Fat(obese) Children should be charged with child abuse and have that child/children taken from them and placed with caring adults.

Egg Producers – Boycott California ?

stupid vote Source California’s chicken-cage size law expected to increase egg prices

California’s new law dictating how and where egg laying hens are housed will cause everyone to pay more for eggs and likely will cause many of the poor to do without eggs in their diets.
Comply with this new law egg producers will be forced to invest billions of dollars to bring their production facilities into compliance with this new law.
This will drive up the cost of eggs to everyone nation wide.

Egg producers nation wide ‘Must’ boycott California.