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Trigger Happy Cop Kill Unarmed Citizen

Washington police kill man after he pointed a cellphone

Law enforcement official says officers shot and killed a man in a Lakewood, Washington, lumberyard last month because he pointed a cellphone at them.

Another example of trigger happy cops killing unarmed citizens.

These cops Must be arrested and charger with the murder of an unarmed American citizen.

Cop Assaults Homeless Man

Fort Lauderdale cop caught on video slapping a homeless man.

Victor Ramirez was charged with three misdemeanors, two counts of battery for pushing and slapping the homeless man, and one count of falsifying records.
In the video, (cop) Victor Ramirez can be heard threatening to beat up the 58 year old homeless man.

Cops get a taste of their own medicine

Cops say they fear a growing anti-cop sentiment is making their jobs more dangerous.

After decades of cops killing unarmed citizens, a few are giving back to the cops what they deserve.

Trigger happy cops have no place on the streets nor in our society. They(cops that kill unarmed citizens) must be arrested, charged and jailed or executed in accordance with states laws.

Obama’s White House – Outside Looking In

White House incompetent, US still in recession and ISIS has moved next door

Majorities of voters feel the country is still in recession.
Voters think terrorists are living in their hometown.
Majority of voters rate the Obama White House as incompetent.

* 60 percent of voters think it is likely terrorists are living in their hometown.
* 60 percent majority that says the country is still in a recession.
* 53 percent of voters say the Obama administration has incompetent and ineffective in managing the federal government.
* 32 percent of voters approve of Obama’s handling of ISIS.
* 44 percent approve of Obama’s job performance

It seems that Jimmy Carter will go down in history as the worst president of the 20th century and
Barack Hussein Obama will be remembered as the worst president of the 21st century.

Anjem Choudary – Coward – And Supporter Of Islamic Terrorist

Anjem Choudary [British political activist] said “Freedom of speech does not extend to insulting the Messenger Muhammad and hence provoking the anger of 1/4 of the world.”
Anjem Choudary, Here Is one American Citizens Opinion Of You And Your support of Islamic Terrorist

You Anjem Choudary are a coward and your words support Islamic terrorist. Your actions encourage other terrorist to attack and kill American citizens.

Here is a news flash, I and a large number of Americans are armed, many of us are former military, We know how to use our firearms and will kill terrorist whenever and wherever we may encounter them. By the way, we will not loose a minutes sleep over terrorist deaths.

I Will Not Allow My Freedom Of Speech to be infringed upon by you or that Unholy, Godless gang of Islamic terrorist.

Anjem Choudary, what part of ‘Free Speech’ is it that you do not understand?

Exercising My First Amendment. This Is My Opinion, I believe the Prophet Muhammad, was a demented homosexual.

Rioters(terrorist) burned and loot Baltimore

Rioters (Terrorist) burned and looted sections of West Baltimore.

Terrorist, looters ransack stores, pharmacies, a shopping mall and clash with police.
15 officers were injured, six seriously.
Terrorist, rioters threw rocks and bricks at police, smashed car windows outside a major hotel and twice slashed a fire hose while firefighters fought a blaze at a CVS pharmacy that had been looted before it was set on fire.

Baltimore’s terrorist, rioters, arsonist and looters should be shot on sight, no questions ask.

Baltimore’s mayor, Stephanie Rawlings Blake should be arrested and charged with instigating and encouraging criminals(terrorist) to attack the city’s police, to burn city and private property to loot businesses without fear of arrest.

Obama’s Hate For Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Is Showing!

Obama’s overt anti-Israel, Anti-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is driving a wedge between the United States and Israel.

Israel lives under the daily threat of Palestinian rocket attacks sponsored by Islamist Terrorist (Hamas)as well as the ‘real’ threat of Nuclear Attack from the Radical Islamist Iran government.