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Adolf Hitler’s Play Book – Ban The Bullets

Source ATF pushes 5.56mm bullet ban, threatens(targets) top selling AR15 rifle

Obama and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives(ATF) want to Disarm American citizens using Obama’s favorite weapon, Executive Orders..
Obama and the ATF’s first step is to ban 5.56mm bullets used in many hunting and recreation fire arms. Then follow that Executive Order up with a total ban on all rifle, shotgun and handgun ammunition.

That’s a page taken directly from Adolf Hitlers play book. (Government control of it’s citizens.)

1) Disarm the citizens Ban the bullets)
2) Confiscate their guns Unarmed citizens present no threat to Armed Cops
3) Arrest and murder those opposing government policy.

This is Very Dangerous and must be stopped.

Don’t set by doing ‘Nothing’.
Call. email, write your Congress person. Demand they stop Obama and his White House gangs attempt to Ban Ammunition.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Thumbs His Nose At Democrat Senators

Obama White House announced it will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before or after he speaks to the American Congress.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returns the snub saying “he will not meet with Senate Democrats next week during his visit to Washington.

Acting like kindergarten baby’s. More than a half dozen House and Senate Democrats have said they will skip Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech.

Obama Gets It Wrong ‘Again’ Call The Bastards What They Are – Islamic Terrorist

Obama is clueless. History has shown us that Christians and Jews have been at war against Radical Islamic Terrorist for 900 years.

Mr. Obama, get a backbone. Take what ever action is necessary to rid the earth of these Radical Islamist Terrorist.
Take any action necessary to kill every damn one of the Islamic murders and rapist. Eliminate this plague being unleashed upon the civilized peoples of the world by radial Muslim(Islamic) terrorist.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra (ED Drugs) Fueling Muslim(Islamic) Terrorist Attacks?

Source ISIS militants reportedly seek (ED)medication to fuel ‘abnormal’ sexual behaviors

Muslim (Islamic) terrorist groups are desperately seeking male-enhancement(ED) medication in an effort to fuel their desire for “brutal and abnormal” sexual behaviors.

Victims have revealed that Muslim(Islamic) terrorist are raping women on a daily basis. Some victims begged activists to arrange airstrikes on their location to end the suffering.

Drunk Drivers? – Obama And His White House Gang Said “Let Them Go!”

Source {Obama’s} Administration memo tells border agents they can release drunk drivers

Department of Homeland Security issued the advisory, which informs agents in the Tucson, Ariz. sector that they have three options if they encounter suspected drunk drivers (1. detain them at the request of local law enforcement (2. detain them without the involvement of another agency (3. let them go.

More White House incompetence. The bulletin explains which options put the officers at greatest risk of being sued. The bulletin warns the first option poses the “greatest threat” to an agent of a lawsuit. The advisory highlights the third option, letting them “go on their way.”

The bulletin goes so far as to say agents wouldn’t be liable if they allow the driver to continue down the road {even if} they kill someone.

Marie Harf Stupidest Woman In Washington D.C.

village-idiotSource State Department spokeswoman floats jobs as answer to ISIS

The Village Idiot, Marie Harf, said “we cannot win this war by killing them(Muslim terrorist). We need to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs… “

Iraq – Syria – Kill Them All

Intelligence agencies estimate as many as 20,000 fighters from many different countries are streaming into Syria and Iraq to join IS(ISIS).

For Arab states and western countries opposing Muslim Terrorist the answer is a simple one.
Kill Them All. Damn be the collateral damage. Kill Them All.