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New Government Regulations Cost Tax Payers – $1.8 Trillion Dollars

Source Cost Of 2014 – New Regulations
A new report on the cost and scope of federal regulations puts the price of the rules at $1.88 trillion dollars annually, a “hidden tax” of $14,976 on every single household, or about 29 percent of an average American’s income.

2014 Congress, passed 224 new laws last year while federal agencies issued 3,554 new regulations.

House Republicans – Stop Screwing Around – Fire Spineless John Boehner

Having John Boehner as Speaker of the House is a bit like flogging a dead horse. A waste of time and resources!

This spineless Speaker of the House ‘Must” be fired and a person elected that has the backbone to stand up for Republican ideas. With the ability to reach across the isle and and work with Democrats to overturn Obama Veto’s.

A person that will put aside next cycle election concerns and do what is right for the republican party and what is in the best interest of our nation and it’s citizens.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra (ED Drugs) Fueling Muslim(Islamic) Terrorist Attacks?

Source ISIS militants reportedly seek (ED)medication to fuel ‘abnormal’ sexual behaviors

Muslim (Islamic) terrorist groups are desperately seeking male-enhancement(ED) medication in an effort to fuel their desire for “brutal and abnormal” sexual behaviors.

Victims have revealed that Muslim(Islamic) terrorist are raping women on a daily basis. Some victims begged activists to arrange airstrikes on their location to end the suffering.

Drunk Drivers? – Obama And His White House Gang Said “Let Them Go!”

Source {Obama’s} Administration memo tells border agents they can release drunk drivers

Department of Homeland Security issued the advisory, which informs agents in the Tucson, Ariz. sector that they have three options if they encounter suspected drunk drivers (1. detain them at the request of local law enforcement (2. detain them without the involvement of another agency (3. let them go.

More White House incompetence. The bulletin explains which options put the officers at greatest risk of being sued. The bulletin warns the first option poses the “greatest threat” to an agent of a lawsuit. The advisory highlights the third option, letting them “go on their way.”

The bulletin goes so far as to say agents wouldn’t be liable if they allow the driver to continue down the road {even if} they kill someone.

Steven M. Saleski – Wallingford CT. – Big Sissy – Falls Off Of Play Time Bull

Source Wallingford man’s lawsuit claims fall from mechanical bull caused ‘permanent, serious’ injury

Steven M. Saleski – Wallingford’s big sissy fell off of his play time toy (a mechanical bull).
In an attempt to cover up his sissy maybe girly man image Saleski is suing Meadow Muffins LLC, which owns the mechanical bull, and T.C.B. LLC, which owns the restaurant, the Cadillac Ranch Restaurant.

For the record I was not present when Saleski claims he was injured. However I will lay odds that Saleski ‘Was Not’ forced at gun point to give the mechanical bull a ride.
What this girly man really needs is a backbone and to conduct himself as a ‘real’ man!
Stop your damn whining, grow up, stop doing stupid stuff!

Mr. Obama Is Totally Clueless – Doesn’t Understand How ObamaCare Law Works

President Barack Obama scolded the US office supply giant Staples for using a rule in the Affordable Care Act as an excuse to limit its workers’ hours.
What part of Stalpes following Obamas pet project, ObamaCare law does he(Obama) not understand?

Obama and his gang of socialist thinking democrats, designed, wrote and then force fed ObamaCare to the American people.
Now when business follows his(Obamas) ObamaCare law all we here from the White House is constant whining by the president and his White House gang.

Staples said “Obama appears not to have all the facts because they say the policy limiting part time hours wasn’t the result of Obamacare.”

Jake Novak, CNBC ask “Does President Obama believe that ‘shame on you’ is a real policy?” Novak says it’s not illegal for Staples to try to cut costs by avoiding the mandate’s threshold, and he wonders if it’s right for a president to single out a company for doing just that.

Ed Morrissey said “Staples executives are protecting the shareholders at whom Obama scoffs from paying large costs associated with the kind of employer-based policies that ObamaCare mandates by limiting their hours.”

Obama Administration Spends $432 Thousand Dollars To Study Gay Apps

American tax dollars at work. Obama administration (National Institutes of Health NIH) spent $432,000 dollars to study Gay Hookup Apps.

NIH government awarded $432,000 to Columbia University to interview gay men who use GPS based dating apps to determine whether it increases their likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behavior.
Really, they did, You can’t make this kind of stupidity up.