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Fat Lazy And Unemployed

source read Peter Morici take on America’s new leisure class

The lie: President Obama, the U.S. economy is firing on all cylinders. Yet it is hardly creating jobs at a breakneck pace.
The Truth: Too many able bodied men have grown lazy and show no interest in working.

Since the recovery began, the economy has averaged 2.3 percent GDP growth and created 183,000 jobs per month. Adjusting for a smaller economy in the 1980s, the Reagan recovery accomplished twice that progress.

The Lie: Headline News reports unemployment rate has fallen to 5.7 percent>
The Truth: More than 10 million men between the ages of 25 and 64 have no job and make no effort to find one.

Obama’s plan has made abusing federal disability programs, easy access to free health care and food stamps and other welfare programs. Obama’s recovery plan encourages healthy able bodied men to mooching off of girlfriends, wives and other relatives, as a reasonable alternative to work.

This new leisure class that watch endless analyses of college basketball and NFL matchups on ESPN. Too many prime working age men, many with college diplomas and work experience but who lost higher paying jobs during the recession have determined it is either unprofitable, beneath their dignity or too inconvenient to get their fat ass up off the couch and look for gainful employment.

House Republicans – Stop Screwing Around – Fire Spineless John Boehner

Having John Boehner as Speaker of the House is a bit like flogging a dead horse. A waste of time and resources!

This spineless Speaker of the House ‘Must” be fired and a person elected that has the backbone to stand up for Republican ideas. With the ability to reach across the isle and and work with Democrats to overturn Obama Veto’s.

A person that will put aside next cycle election concerns and do what is right for the republican party and what is in the best interest of our nation and it’s citizens.

GMO foods V DNA foods

Oklahoma State University periodically conducts a respected food survey. This month they added a question on GMOs.

Specifically, people were asked, Do you support mandatory labels on GMOs? Eighty-two percent said yes. 82 percent of people surveyed got this question correct.
Then they were asked whether they support mandatory labels products containing DNA. Eighty percent said yes. 83 percent of the people surveyed are to Ignorant to to answer survey questions.
Hint: DNA is the material that encodes genetic instructions in all known living beings. All plants. All animals.

Obama Shows His True Stripes – Veto’s Jobs Bill

Source Obama vetoes construction of Keystone XL pipeline

Obama vetoed the Keystone pipeline bill that would have created more than 40,000 good paying jobs, infused cash flow to American manufactures supplying products to the Keystone pipeline project. Keystone pipeline project would have been a huge step towards Americas oil independence from unreliable middle east and South American oil cartels.

Obama’s uncaring anti-labor, anti-business, anti-Middle class attitude towards Americas transportation industry, housing and lodging industry and the many thousands of food service workers highlights Obama’s true feelings toward Americas working class.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, called the veto a “national embarrassment.”
Senate leader McConnell’s office said the “Senate plans to vote on overriding Obama’s veto sometime before March 3.”

Fly in the ointment. Keystone pipeline bill received 62 yes votes in the Senate, but to override Obama’s veto they would need 67 yes votes. In the House of Representatives, Keystone pipeline received 270 votes. However they will need 281 votes to override Obama’s Keystone pipeline veto.

Steven M. Saleski – Wallingford CT. – Big Sissy – Falls Off Of Play Time Bull

Source Wallingford man’s lawsuit claims fall from mechanical bull caused ‘permanent, serious’ injury

Steven M. Saleski – Wallingford’s big sissy fell off of his play time toy (a mechanical bull).
In an attempt to cover up his sissy maybe girly man image Saleski is suing Meadow Muffins LLC, which owns the mechanical bull, and T.C.B. LLC, which owns the restaurant, the Cadillac Ranch Restaurant.

For the record I was not present when Saleski claims he was injured. However I will lay odds that Saleski ‘Was Not’ forced at gun point to give the mechanical bull a ride.
What this girly man really needs is a backbone and to conduct himself as a ‘real’ man!
Stop your damn whining, grow up, stop doing stupid stuff!

Cancer Causes Are Mostly Just Bad Luck

Source Most cancers are caused by bad luck not genes or lifestyle

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that the majority of cancers are not linked to environment or lifestyle.

A study has shown that most cancers are primarily caused by bad luck rather than poor lifestyle choices or defective DNA. Researchers found that two thirds of cancers are driven by random mistakes in cell division which are completely outside of our control.

31 cancers studied by scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the US, just nine(9) were found to be linked to lifestyle or genetic faults. The remaining 22 were mainly just the result of ‘bad luck,’ with DNA and behavior only having a small impact.

Professor Hans Clevers, a stem cell and cancer biologist at the Hubrecht Institute in the Netherlands, said “the research would help cancer patients to realize that the disease was not their fault.
The average cancer patient is just unlucky.”

Fat People Die 8 Years Sooner Than ‘Normal’ Weight People

Obesity Can Knock as Much as 8 Years Off Your Life

Canadian researchers said “Being Fat(obese) can slash eight years off your life and leave you in ill health for up to 19 years before that death.

Dr. Steven Grover said “In terms of life expectancy, we feel being overweight is as bad as cigarette smoking.”

Parents of non-medical caused Fat(obese) Children should be charged with child abuse and have that child/children taken from them and placed with caring adults.