46 Million Americans To Fat And Lazy To Work?

Peach Growers Can’t Find Workers To Harvest Crops
Peach Growers are beating the bushes for workers that can pick their peaches before they rot.

Dalvir Gill, who grows 200 acres of peaches said “I need at least 30 to 40 pickers everyday, but sometimes I get here only 10 guys or five guys show up for work.” Gill says he’s losing five percent of his crop every day because his peaches can’t be picked before they soften and bruise.

Gill said “many people, (mostly on welfare) don’t want to work.” Gurpreet notes that there is a 17 to 18 percent unemployment rate in the area. “People they’re just sitting at home doing nothing. Gurpreet said “Maybe they should get a job. You could easily make $20 an hour over here.”

Gills say teenagers would rather earn half the money at a fast food restaurant and many are unable or unwilling to work a hot, dirty job, no matter what it pays.

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