Under Obamas Stimulus Plan – American Families Net Wealth Has Decreased 40 Percent

Decline in the median net worth of American families since 2009 has decreased from $126,400 to $77,300 according to a new report from the Federal Reserve.
The Obama presidency has set the nation back two decades in wealth accumulation.

Obama’s administration has spent $Trillions of Tax Payer dollars in automobile company, bank and mortgage lending company bailouts and Obama’s idea of job stimulus plans during his first 3 1/2 years in office.

Unemployment is still stuck above 8 percent (8.2 percent), new home sales are at near all time lows, home and business foreclosures continue unabated. American workers wages are stagnated or in come cases slipping lower. Food cost is still on the rise. Cities and states are struggling to make ends meet to pay public servant employees. Social welfare programs are being cut and many services are being reduced or eliminated.

Obama’s promised Affordable health care for all has caused many health care providers and medical care insurance providers to double or even triple premiums to their customers. City and states have been forced to increase Tax Rates and fees in an attempt to balance city and state budgets.

I for one can’t afford another four years of Obama ideal’s and change for America.

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