B.H. Obama And Campaign Strategist David Axelrod Still Don’t Have A Clue!

David Axelrod President Obama’s top campaign strategist said “the country needs to “accelerate” job creation in the private sector by hiring more teachers, police and firefighters.” {Axelrod Doesn’t have a clue who pays for public servant employees!}

How does Axelrod think adding more payroll expenses to city state and federal payrolls will benefit the private sector? City and state governments are crumbling under the burdens of huge budget short falls caused by falling tax revenues and reductions in federal subsidies to fund social welfare programs.

President Obama, is out of touch with reality and doesn’t have a clue! Obama said “Friday during a press conference that the private sector’s “doing fine.”

Americas unemployment at 8.2 percent and rising and 46 millions Americans receiving Food Stamp (SNAP) benefits, the private sector Is Not Doing Fine.

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