Obama Said, Now The Rest Of The Story!

Growing a backyard garden will help you survive Obamas socialist agenda, tax and spend plans. This is non-tax food for you and your families good health and survival during Obamas and G.W. Bushes long running Deep Recession (Depression).
Barack Hussein Obama will say and do anything that he and his 2012 reelection campaign gang thinks will get Barack Hussein Obama a second term as president of the United states.

If you are a democrat or a Obama supporter you don’t want to see or believe the truth, so click that little X box in the right corner of the page now.

If your a thinking American please read on. [50] Barack Obama Whoppers in Snopes

Before Casting Your Vote in November 2012, your need to ask and answer a few simple questions.
** (Don’t count welfare payments or unemployment benefits!) It your receiving welfare benefits or unemployment benefits You are Not Better Off now than in January 2008.
* Am I and my family better off now than we were in January, 2008?
* If you still have a job. Ask yourself has my wages or salary increased more than the annual inflation rate and the increased local, state and federal tax rate during the past 4 years?
* Is my rent or mortgage lower or the same after 4 years of president Obamas promises?
* Is my electricity, natural gas and heating fuel cost lower or the same as it was in 2008?
* Does automobile fuel and insurance cost less or the same as it did 4 years ago?
* Do I pay the same or less for my health insurance as I did 4 years ago?
* Is my food cost less or the same as it was 4 years ago?
* Are your husbands, wife’s, brothers , sisters, sons and daughters still fighting and dieing in Iraq, Afghanistan or other Obama supported wars and conflicts?
* Are you paying more or less in federal taxes than you were in 2008?

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