Tipping Good For Business Owners, Bad For Servers And Customers

Waitress left two pennies and a ‘my two cents’ note by a customer
Restaurants, Cafe’s and other hot food providers pay waiters and waitresses almost nothing, excepting customers to pay the wage cost of their employees.

Just exactly when did the food service industry discover they could shift the financial burden of paying their employees wages on to the backs of their customers?

Tipping is a tangible way for customers to say thank you for your good service. Don’t expect the customer to pay your wages!

I pay my employees for the job I hired them to do and I expect restaurants to do the same. Pay the full fair wages of their employees. FYI – I refuse to patronize any food establishment that requires tipping by adding a 20 percent tip to my food cost. I only pay with cash at food service establishments, this prevents them from tacking a 20% tip on my credit card without my approval and knowledge. If I’m going to pay the wages of these food servers then they are ‘My Employees’ and work directly for me and not for (insert business name here).

Here’s a news flash: for all waiters and waitresses. if you have a crappy attitude, if your rude or act like I [the paying customer] am an inconvenience to you, you can expect to get a crappy tip or no tip at all.

I really don’t care how busy you think you are! I don’t care how many tables you serving! After taking my order and serving that order to me ‘your’ job is not completed until I walk out the front door! Your job includes checking from time to time to see if I need / want anything more, like a drink refill! Crappy service, bad attitude = crappy tips.

Before you start whining about the low minimum wages paid to food service workers. YES I do know what the minimum wage scale is for food service workers.
YES I do know what a pain in the a$$ and how rude some customers can be. This still does not excuse a bad attitude or rude service from my waiter or waitress.
You knew this as well when you accepted employment in the food service industry, so don’t whine about you low wage scale or rude customers and don’t except me [a paying customer] to pay your wages with what is many times undeserved / unearned large tips.

I should note that most servers never report their tips to state or federal IRS as income. They avoid paying the 10 to 15 percent state and federal income tax, medicaid and FICA tax on their tips.

Why do people tip the postman, doorman, hair stylist or barber? Why do you tip your garbage man? I’ll bet he’s paid as much as you are! They have provide no service or product to you that they are not being paid to do my their employer.

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