Doomsday – A Booming Business

Bunker Mentality: The booming business of Doomsday.

As the date the Mayans predicted the world will end nears, restless ‘Occupy’ hordes rise up and rogue regimes threaten the world with nuclear weapons, one thing is sure: The doomsday business is booming.

From the society’s wealthiest and most powerful class to rural off-the-grid types, people are preparing for the worst, and sparing no expense on elaborate underground shelters, buying years’ worth of non-perishable foods and stockpiling fuel and ammunition. Some have embraced the term “preppers,” although precisely what they are preparing for varies.

Jobe, has invested about $3,000 in a safe room in the cellar of his family’s Colorado home. The basement bunker has reinforced steel doors, along with two 55-gallon drums of water, a four-month supply of food and a cache of guns and ammunition.

It’s the prospect of class warfare, not natural disasters, that drives some of the nation’s wealthiest people to prep. Growing tension between the haves and the have-nots could boil over, with pitchfork and torch-bearing masses outside their gates, they fear. With that in mind, $200,000 for the Vivos 8, an underground chamber with 24-inch thick concrete and steel walls, is no obstacle. Other luxury bunkers have stainless steel appliances, generators that can run for months and full plumbing.

wealthy people approach me asking about firearms and how to build up food and water storage,” said Jason Hanson, a personal security specialist and former CIA officer. “I had one doctor who approached me at a dinner party recently who told me that he used to think that guns were the devil, but due to the financial unrest, he changed his mind. He asked me to teach him how to use them.”

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