Home Grown Terrorist Rampage Through Wisconsin Streets

Hundreds Rampage Through Neighborhoods Surrounding Wisconsin State Fair
Milwaukee police officers are investigating a string of mob violence involving a very large and unruly crowds where several people were badly injured and cars, homes were badly damaged. Businesses were broken into and looted by these terrorist mobs.

Rick Frenette said “seven park police officers were injured, including two who were taken to the hospital.”
Milwaukee Police said “just after 11 p.m. they responded to complaints of an unruly mob attacking cars, people and leaving damage in its path.” Hundreds of young people made their way down to the surrounding neighborhoods, smashing car windows, throwing rocks and beating people. Several people were punched in the face, a child was pushed to the ground, one woman required stitches and another will need surgery for her injuries.

One witness said “he saw a group of 20-30 young men attack someone walking by.”

Witnesses described the mobs as young African American teens. Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Joe Dudzik released a statement about what they called a “deteriorating African American culture in our city.”

{These mob mentality Home Grown Terrorist must be identified, arrested and tried. If convicted they must receive the harshest penlites allowed by our laws and forced to pay restitution for all damages they caused to personal property, business and items they looted from businesses as well as paying all medical cost for victims they injured.}

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