16 Percent Of Americans Receive Government Checks or Social Welfare Benefits

16+ percent of Americas working population is receiving Social Welfare checks or are Employed by the U.S. Government, and that boys and girls is why America in $14.4 Trillion Dollars in debt!

One in six people in America are receiving public aid, with Medicaid and food stamp application rising everyday. Tax Payers are straining to feed and house their own families in wake of the Great Recession. A record 44.6 million people or one in seven Americans are receiving food stamps. That’s up nearly 10% from the year before(2010). The government is scheduled to send out $6.7 billion Tax payer Dollars in food stamp payments every month.

Medicaid, has more than 60 million recipients. It provides health insurance for low income Americans and pays for two thirds of the country’s nursing home residents. $50 billion in Medicaid and Medicare payments are set to go out every month, Funded by Americas Tax payers.

5 million American families depend on vouchers (rental assistance) so they pay no or reduced rental rates, or other assistance from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The cost to Americas Tax Payers is $6.7 billion in payments every month of the year.

3.8 million long-term jobless are receiving federal unemployment benefits. This allows them to set at home watching daytime TV for up to 99 weeks, almost two(2) years. Costing Tax payers $12.8 billion dollars every month.

And the grand total is: $76.2 Billion Tax Payer Dollars Spent On Social Welfare programs ‘Every’ Month. This is about $914.4 Billion Dollars out of Tax Payers pocket each and every year.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Now you know why Obama wants to raise ‘Your’ Tax rates!

Just to add insult after robbing your pocket book, 50 percent of Americans Pay NO Taxes!

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4 responses to “16 Percent Of Americans Receive Government Checks or Social Welfare Benefits

  1. What they also failed to say is the tax that 50% don’t pay is the federal income tax. There are lots of other taxes that are paid. They also don’t tell you is that of the 50%, 74% of those people are the elderly and families with an income of less than 24 thousand a year. So I guess we should make the elderly pay an income tax from their retirement that is if they even have a retirement and the familes shoud sell some of their children so they can pay an income tax. That would only be fair, right?

  2. you say 50% of americans do not pay taxs however what you do not say is that on 47% of americans have a full time job so 53% of americans with do not work or only work part time that is why 50% of americans do not pay taxs. If more jobs were created (in private sector not goverment) and more people wanted to work instead of sitting at home collecting unemployment or food stamps our country would be in much better shape.

    We need less goverment, more private sector jobs and less spending by goverment. In short we need Mitt Romney

  3. The US government has got to quit being a provider to American Citizens period

  4. I always wonder who is getting all of this money. I have never even tried to qualify for unemployment but I was never employed in the first place so I guess that’s why. Still, I would rather work a part time job at McDonalds than get an unemployment check. I guess it’s very hard if you have a family and you’re laid off but I had a friend in college who got unemployment because the restaurant where she worked as a hostess closed!!

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