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Obama’s Train Wreck!

obama-aca-law Obama in Colorado, once again is on a fund raising campaign. Spouting his fund raising campaign moto “Give Me MO MONEY”

Colorado democrats are avoiding President Obama as if he has the plague. Preferring to go it alone, on their own rather than being saddled with having to defend Obama’s 5 years of ‘Failed’ policies and broken campaign promises.

Obama’s approval rating in Colorado crashes down to 38 percent.

Iowa Here we go again, more democrat campaign lies.
Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa has made campaign claims that he is Iowa farmers friend. That he to is a ‘Farmer’ and understands Iowa farmers situation.

The ‘truth’ is Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, is not a farmer. Braley campaign aids said “(Braley) is not an active farmer. He doesn’t own farm land and doesn’t earn any farm income, according to his federal financial disclosure reports. He doesn’t perform or manage any farm operations.”

Fix Veterans Administration Problems For Ever

Fixing Veterans Administration corruption is an easy 2 step process.

* 1. De-fund the Veterans Administration.
Put all of the corrupt and in-complainant Veterans Administration bureaucrats in Obama’s unemployment line.
Saving U.S. Tax payers $Billions of dollars in VA administrative cost.

* 2. Issue a medical card to each qualified military veteran that is valid at any medical facility, any where, anytime for any reason.

It really is just that simple.

Illegal Aliens Invade United States

illegal aliens Illegal immigration(Illegal Aliens) on the scale US is (currently) experiencing is an invasion, not immigration.

Where the hell is Obama and the U.S. Congress??
U.S. Constitution: Article IV, Section 4
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

What Is Obama And U.S. Army Hiding?

Republican congressman from Oklahoma was denied access to a federal facility at Fort Sill, Oklahoma that is housing hundreds of mostly teenage illegal immigrant children from Central America.

U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine was visiting the (Fort Sill) Army post when he approached the facility and was told by security that he was not allowed to enter.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is overseeing the children’s care, and Bridenstine says an agency official told him he could schedule a visit in three weeks. Bridenstine says there is “no excuse” for denying him access to the facility.

A spokesman for HHS didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Harry Reid Leader of Cowardly Senate Democrats

senate cowards Source Election-year fears slow Senate work to a halt

A fear of voting has gripped Democratic leaders in the Senate, slowing the chamber’s modest productivity this election season to a near halt.

With control of the Senate at risk in November, leaders are going to remarkable lengths to protect endangered Democrats from casting tough votes and to deny Republicans legislative victories in the midst of the campaign.

In the Appropriations Committee, long accustomed to a freewheeling process, chairwoman Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., has held up action on three spending bills, apparently to head off politically difficult votes on changes to the divisive health care law as well as potential losses to Republicans on amendments such as McConnell’s on the coal industry.

Democratic leaders are trying especially hard to protect Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.

Obama 6 Years As A Failed President – Nancy Pelosi Blames George W. Bush

idiot of 2014 Source Nancy Pelosi blames George W. Bush for Veterans Affairs scandal
My choice of Village Idiot this week is Nancy Pelosi. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., repeatedly put the blame for the Veterans Affairs scandal on former President George W. Bush, while arguing that her party has worked hard for veterans.

Spain – Bulls 3 – Matadors 0

Madrid’s bullfighting season had to be cancelled after all three matadors were gored by bulls.

Round 2, Fix Of ObamaCare Website To Cost Tax Payers Another $121 Million Dollars

Source Contractor says ObamaCare website fix will cost $121M
Contractor hired to fix the ObamaCare exchange website announced Tuesday that it would cost $121 million to get the site ready for a second open enrollment period in 2015.

Secret ObamaCare Fix – Obama and his White House gang Won’t tell you

Keep your doctor

Get a new president

ObamaCare has been fixed!

Fuzzy Math – Obama Claims 8 million Signup for ObamaCare

The estimated population of the U.S. is 315 million people.

If Obama’s claim of 8 million people have signed-up for ObamaCare
When will the other 306 million Americans be enrolled in ObamaCare?

Obama Administration Fails To Protect Service Members

source Fort Hood shooting renews calls for ending gun restrictions on base
Obama, Secretary of defense Chuck Hagel, the Pentagon, Army Secretary John McHugh III Corp Commander, Fort Hood have all failed in Leadership and providing a secure work place and homes for military personnel living on post.

EPA uses page from Adolf Hitler’s medical research play book

EPA human test subjects not always told about lethal risks of studies

Environmental Protection Agency has been testing the impact of pollutants on human subjects without always telling them about the risks of heavy exposure — risks that include cancer, and even death.

The IG report looked at five studies conducted in 2010 and 2011, at a University of North Carolina facility. It determined that, overall, the agency “followed applicable regulations” when it exposed 81 test subjects to “concentrated airborne particles or diesel exhaust emissions.”

However, the IG’s office found “inconsistencies” in the consent forms — which only sometimes told test subjects about the full range of risks.

Before the subjects were brought into the labs to be exposed to pollutants, the forms compared the experience to visiting a big city on a smoggy day.

Only one of the studies, though, gave information on the “upper range of the pollutant” they would be exposed to, and only two alerted the subjects about the “risk of death for older individuals with cardiovascular disease,” according to the report.

Further, the report said consent forms for two studies testing the impact of diesel exhaust “did not include the potential cancer effects of long-term exposure.”

Several “adverse” events were reported over the testing period. This included subjects experiencing conditions ranging from a migraine to cardiac arrhythmia to decreased lung function. All subjects were treated for those conditions.

The IG report also went into detail about the little-known testing that is conducted by the environmental agency. This testing is based out of the UNC campus, at a facility that allows researchers to pump “gaseous pollutants at precise concentrations” into enclosed chambers.

In the five studies the IG looked at, test subjects were offered payment ranging from $950 to $3,700.

USA population 317 million – Obama celebrates 7 million ObamaCare signups

The population of the USA is about 317 million people.

Obama celebrates calming that 7 million has signed up for ObamaCare.

Where are the other 310 million Americans?

If true, Obamas claim of 7 million ObamaCare signups is a single drop in a large bucket.

Once Again Obamam is misleading American Citizens.
Withholding some or all the true facts from American Citizens.

Senile Senator Harry Reid from Nevada Lies Defending ObamaCare

idiot of 2014 Despite Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claim earlier this week that ObamaCare “horror stories” weren’t true, there are plenty of real people out there with real problems. Reid said “There’s plenty of horror stories being told (and) All of them are untrue.

Reid managed to ignite a firestorm when he accused those who complain about canceled policies and higher rates under ObamaCare of flat-out lying.

The real truth is: Tom Gialanella of Seattle got a letter last fall canceling his old (health care) policy and laying out details of his ObamaCare option. Tom Gialanella said “My premiums would increase approximately 61 percent. I went from $891 a month to $1437 a month and also my deductibles all doubled.”

Jeff and Victoria Haidet of North Carolina said “We were a little shocked to see that one come back at even higher rate than what our high risk insurance pool was. That rate came back at$950 a month for the policy, which had higher deductibles than what we had in the high risk pool.”

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell said ” These people across America, who are losing their insurance, whose jobs are being lost, are not making this up. And no amount of Harry Reid calling everybody a liar changes the facts.”

Senator Roy Blunt, R-Mo., who has given 11 speeches laying out horror stories from his constituents, also challenged Reid’s accusations.

Those who feel they have been misled or find themselves forced to pay more than before are hardly a rarity. Some 6.2 million had their policies canceled last fall, many pushed into more expensive plans.

The Congressional Budget Office also recently found that ObamaCare will force two of three small businesses to pay higher rates than they do now and even many Democrats talk about the need to fix the law.

Senator Harry Reid Nevada’s Village Idiot, Once again doesn’t have a clue!

11 Million Workers Will See Health Care Premiums Increase Under ObamaCare

Source ObamaCare may increase premiums for 11 million workers
Republicans renewed their fight against ObamaCare on Monday in response to a new report in which the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services concludes that 11 million small business employees will see their premiums rise under the law.

The report, says the higher rates are partly due to the health law’s requirement that premiums can no longer be based on a person’s age. That has sent premiums higher for younger workers, and lower for older ones.

The report found that 65 percent of small businesses would see a spike in insurance premiums.

Boehner said “It’s clear why the (Obama)administration sought to delay and deemphasize the release of this report. It undermines the central promise of the president Obama’s health care law: affordable coverage.”

House Small Business Committee Chairman Rep. Sam Graves said “The fact that two-thirds of Americans who work at small businesses will see premium increases because of the health law is devastating news. This is one more in a long line of broken promises from President Obama and Washington Democrats.”

ObamaCare(ACA) Put’s 498,000 Health Care Jobs In Jeopardy

Source Sebelius’ cuts in home health care funds could jeopardize hundreds of thousands of jobs
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius cut the maximum allowed by law from home health care funds. The cuts are deep enough that officials offered a damaging prediction of the impact saying, it was estimated that approximately 40 percent of (Home Health Care) providers would have negative margins.

Companies with negative margins don’t last long or have to cut workers.

Dan Weber, head of the Association of Mature American Citizens, said “forty percent will be put into the red and anyone who has a brain in their skull knows that they’re going to have to cut jobs and reduce services in order to make up the money.”

County Jail Inmates Pay For Food And Medical Care

It’s well past time for criminals to pay the cost of their Food and Medical treatment while incarcerated.(In Jail)
Source Nevada county’s plan to charge inmates for jail meals

Tod Story, executive director of the ACLU Nevada America’s biggest socialist agenda supporter said “I was aghast that anyone was even thinking of doing this. It is unconstitutional, cruel and unusual punishment.”

What a crock of Bull Shit!
Law abiding citizens pay for their food, Why The Hell Should Criminals Get Free Meals and Medical Care?

The Elko County Commission approved Sheriff Jim Pitts’ proposal to charge inmates $6 a day for meals, $10 for each doctor visit and $5 for initial booking into the jail, a move he says will save county taxpayers millions of dollars a year. “Why should the people of Elko County pay for somebody else’s meals in jail?”

Sheriff Pitts said “it costs about $85 per day per inmate to cover the costs of food, services, housing and utilities.” Under the new policy, Elko County inmates will be exempt from the fees if they work at the jail or are incarcerated for less than 24 hours. Inmates ultimately found innocent will be reimbursed.

Electric Grid, Mankind’s Weakest Link

Electricity, mankind’s weakest link.

What will our world look like when we have our electric grid shut down?

What will you do when our sun turns against us. Striking Earth with a Coronal Mass Ejection(CME) event or a massive Electromagnetic pulse (EMP)event?

EMP can be produced by the detonation of a nuclear weapon as well. Nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorist or more likely in the hands of unstable governments can be the catalyst needed to shut down electric grids locally as well as world wide.

City, state and national governments will cease to operate. {That’s may not be a bad thing.} Government bureaucrats will be unable to function without electric power.
Government checks will not be posted to your bank account. Banks will be forced to close.
No welfare checks, No Social security checks, No food stamps.
Military operations will grind to a halt. Military personal will be stranded where ever they maybe when the electric grid fails.

Aircraft, ships and trucks will be stranded where they are. Food supplies will be in short supply, water systems will stop pumping.
Oil refineries will cease to produce vehicle fuels, heating oil, propane, gasoline, diesel, natural gas will stop being pumped.
Farmers will be unable to plant, grow or harvest their crops. Feed supplies to feed poultry and livestock will no longer be available.

Cities and town will go dark. Food and water supplies will soon be unavailable. Nothing to eat, No cooking, toilet or wash water. No phone service, not land-line or cell service, No internet, No television or radio service.

Hospitals will be forced to close their doors. Those on life sustaining machines will be some of the first to die. EMS vehicles and police vehicles and police services will stop operating.

Businesses will be forced to close their doors. billions will be jobless and homeless. Reduced to eating animals, fish and insects that can be caught by hand.
Most modern day people do not have the knowledge or ability to survive life without electricity. They do not have the clothing or knowledge to survive summers heat nor winters cold weather.

It has been estimated (world wide) that 3-4 billion people will die in the first few months without electrical service.

People will be reduced to searching from sunrise to sunset for food and water just to survive one more day.
Starvation and disease will run ramped. Human bodies will go unburied. Sanitation systems will fail. Human waste and trash will go uncollected in the streets.

The events I have described are just the tip of the iceberg.

A total shut down of the electric grid may take months , years or even a decades to restore full world wide electric service.

However the damage has already been done. Life as we know it may take a century or more to be restored.

Obama Gives Asylum In U.S. To Terrorist

Source Administration eases restrictions on asylum seekers with loose terror ties

The Obama administration has unilaterally eased restrictions on asylum seekers with loose or incidental ties to terror and insurgent groups.

Approved by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry, was announced Wednesday in the Federal Register. It would allow some individuals who provided “limited material support” to terror groups to be considered for entry into the U.S.

Senator. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said “In light of these and other facts, it is thus deeply alarming that the Obama administration would move unilaterally to relax admissions standards for asylum seekers and potentially numerous other applicants for admission who have possible connections to insurgent or terrorist groups, We need to tighten security standards for asylum, not relax them even further.”

Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, claimed this change was another effort to maximize the number of people being allowed into the country. “This administration no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt in making these kinds of rule changes,” he said. “The consequences are potentially dire for public safety.”

Now you know that Obama and his White House Gang do not care and will non take action to protect America or Americans from Terrorist.

Harvey Weinstein Hates America, The Constitution and The Second Amendment?

idiot of 2014 Source Destroy U.S. Constitution, the Second Amendment and the NRA
BoyCot, Harvey Weinstein, Weinstein Co. (formerly Miramax) and any thing associated with Meryl Streep. Put this bunch of America Hating Hollywood Idiots Out Of Business!

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein to try to destroy the National Rifle Association and the U.S. Constitutions Second Amendment Rights.

Weinstein said ” he did not own a gun and never would. He said “I don’t think we need guns in this country. And I hate it, I think the NRA is a disaster area.”

Weinstein revealed his secret project about the gun rights group (NRA). “I shouldn’t say this, but I’ll tell it to you “I’m going to make a movie with Meryl Streep, and we’re going to take this head-on. And they’re (NRA) going to wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.”

Weinstein said “his vision was to scare people away from firearms.”

Be Warned The Weinstein Co. (formerly Miramax) is one of President Obama’s biggest fundraisers. He brought in more than $500,000 from his Hollywood friends for the president’s re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee in 2012.”