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UK Counsels Push To Raise UK Food Cost By 8.5 Percent

Source UK councils propose 8.5 percent ‘Tesco tax’
The extra business rates levy, of up to 8.5%, would affect any large retail outlet, this will raise UK’s food cost 8.5 percent overnight.

UK councils in England is formally asking the government for new powers to tax large supermarkets. Derby City Council has called for the right to bring in a 8.5 percent levy to ensure supermarket spending “re-circulates” in local communities.

19 other local authorities back a so-called “Tesco tax” on big retailers, which could cost UK Consumers £400m a year.

Israel Attacks Hamas Targets In Garza

Israel led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must continue it’s air and ground offensive on Hamas, not ending it’s offensive until Hamas and it’s Islamic terrorist supporters have been wiped from the face of planet earth.

Then and only then can Israel and Palestinians establish a lasting peace.

Illegal Aliens Invade United States

illegal aliens Illegal immigration(Illegal Aliens) on the scale US is (currently) experiencing is an invasion, not immigration.

Where the hell is Obama and the U.S. Congress??
U.S. Constitution: Article IV, Section 4
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

UN – IPCC – Global Warming – Another Big Lie

Source UN climate change expert reveals bias in global warming report
UN – IPCC, When preparations started on AR5, the world hadn’t warmed for 13 years. That is a bit odd, if you believe the models, but not odd enough to merit a lot of UN-IPCC attention.

By the time the report was finished, however, it (earth) hadn’t warmed for 17 years. That is decidedly odd, but hard to accommodate in a near-final draft that has been through three rounds of review.

After the report was finalized, but before it was published, a number of papers appeared with hypotheses about the pause in warming. AR5 was out of date before it was released.

The UN Summary for Policy Makers is drafted by academics, but approved line-by-line by government representatives. Every clause that could possibly be used against a government position, either in a domestic debate or in international negotiations, was neutered or removed.

Bureau of Land Management Pay’s Utah Cowboy $966,000.00 Dollars

What did the American Tax payer get for $966,000.00 dollars?

A lot damaged or destroyed private property! Damaged and destroyed water lines, livestock watering tanks and livestock fencing.
Along with the shooting of 2 prized bulls worth more than $10,000.00 dollars.

No More Tipping Food Service Workers

Source Dems push for minimum wage increase for tipped workers
Minimum Wage Increase for food service employees is a good thing for consumers.
After minimum wages are brought up to $7.25(national minimum wage) Stop, Stop tipping food service employes unless their service is well above what they are being paid to do.

No more tipping for crappy service or bad attitudes from food service employees.

Forcing restaurant, cafe and fast food service employees to pay the national minimum wages to their employees is a good thing.

Obamas White House – Pastry Chef Quits For Better Job

Source White House pastry chef Bill Yosses resigning for better boss and better job
White House pastry chef resigns to take sweeter job teaching children and adults how to eat better.

County Jail Inmates Pay For Food And Medical Care

It’s well past time for criminals to pay the cost of their Food and Medical treatment while incarcerated.(In Jail)
Source Nevada county’s plan to charge inmates for jail meals

Tod Story, executive director of the ACLU Nevada America’s biggest socialist agenda supporter said “I was aghast that anyone was even thinking of doing this. It is unconstitutional, cruel and unusual punishment.”

What a crock of Bull Shit!
Law abiding citizens pay for their food, Why The Hell Should Criminals Get Free Meals and Medical Care?

The Elko County Commission approved Sheriff Jim Pitts’ proposal to charge inmates $6 a day for meals, $10 for each doctor visit and $5 for initial booking into the jail, a move he says will save county taxpayers millions of dollars a year. “Why should the people of Elko County pay for somebody else’s meals in jail?”

Sheriff Pitts said “it costs about $85 per day per inmate to cover the costs of food, services, housing and utilities.” Under the new policy, Elko County inmates will be exempt from the fees if they work at the jail or are incarcerated for less than 24 hours. Inmates ultimately found innocent will be reimbursed.

Electric Grid, Mankind’s Weakest Link

Electricity, mankind’s weakest link.

What will our world look like when we have our electric grid shut down?

What will you do when our sun turns against us. Striking Earth with a Coronal Mass Ejection(CME) event or a massive Electromagnetic pulse (EMP)event?

EMP can be produced by the detonation of a nuclear weapon as well. Nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorist or more likely in the hands of unstable governments can be the catalyst needed to shut down electric grids locally as well as world wide.

City, state and national governments will cease to operate. {That’s may not be a bad thing.} Government bureaucrats will be unable to function without electric power.
Government checks will not be posted to your bank account. Banks will be forced to close.
No welfare checks, No Social security checks, No food stamps.
Military operations will grind to a halt. Military personal will be stranded where ever they maybe when the electric grid fails.

Aircraft, ships and trucks will be stranded where they are. Food supplies will be in short supply, water systems will stop pumping.
Oil refineries will cease to produce vehicle fuels, heating oil, propane, gasoline, diesel, natural gas will stop being pumped.
Farmers will be unable to plant, grow or harvest their crops. Feed supplies to feed poultry and livestock will no longer be available.

Cities and town will go dark. Food and water supplies will soon be unavailable. Nothing to eat, No cooking, toilet or wash water. No phone service, not land-line or cell service, No internet, No television or radio service.

Hospitals will be forced to close their doors. Those on life sustaining machines will be some of the first to die. EMS vehicles and police vehicles and police services will stop operating.

Businesses will be forced to close their doors. billions will be jobless and homeless. Reduced to eating animals, fish and insects that can be caught by hand.
Most modern day people do not have the knowledge or ability to survive life without electricity. They do not have the clothing or knowledge to survive summers heat nor winters cold weather.

It has been estimated (world wide) that 3-4 billion people will die in the first few months without electrical service.

People will be reduced to searching from sunrise to sunset for food and water just to survive one more day.
Starvation and disease will run ramped. Human bodies will go unburied. Sanitation systems will fail. Human waste and trash will go uncollected in the streets.

The events I have described are just the tip of the iceberg.

A total shut down of the electric grid may take months , years or even a decades to restore full world wide electric service.

However the damage has already been done. Life as we know it may take a century or more to be restored.

$1,000.00 A Day Fine For Feeding Birds

Source Pennsylvania town’s $1,000-a-day fine is for the birds

Bill and Diane Ganssle Bethlehem Township, PA. Stop whining and being butt holes! The town ordnance on feeder construction is not unreasonable nor are the feeders expensive. The ordnance serves a useful purpose in helping to control Rats, Mice and other non bird wildlife.

It seems that Bill and Diane are to stupid or to lazy to use an approved type of bird feeder.

Some Like It Hot! 1,569,300 Scoville Units

Source World’s hottest pepper grown in South Carolina
Guinness Book of World Records has recently declared Ed Currie’s Carolina Reaper peppers as the hottest on Earth.

The heat of a pepper is measured in Scoville Heat Units. Zero is bland, and a regular jalapeno pepper registers around 5,000 on the Scoville scale. Ed Currie’s world record batch of Carolina Reapers comes in at 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units, with selected individual pepper measured at 2.2 million. Pepper spray weighs in at about 2 million Scoville Units.

Boycott Reddit – For Banding Climate Change Critics

cant fix stupid Source
Critics blast Reddit over climate-change skeptic ban

Critics are slamming Reddit over moderator’s decision to ban climate-change skeptics from contributing to its science forum, attacking the move as “political censorship.”

James Delingpole, columnist, climate skeptic and author of “The Little Green Book Of Eco Fascism said “The greenies — and their many useful idiots in the liberal media — are terrified of open debate on climate-change because the real world evidence long ago parted company with their scientifically threadbare theory, arguing that Allen’s tactic is part of a “classic liberal defense mechanism: If the facts don’t support you, then close down the argument.”

North Korea’s Insane Leader – Kim Jong Un – Threatens To Strike South ‘Without Notice

North Korea has threatened to attack South Korea “without notice.”

North’s National Defense Commission faxed this threat to South Korea via a military communication link between the two sides, warning of a “merciless” attack on South Korea.

Detroit, MI. Largest Municipal Bankruptcy In U.S. History

Detroit, MI A depleted tax base: The city’s white population has declined by 1.4 million since the 1950s, leaving behind an almost entirely African-American population. The remaining tax base continues to decline as unemployment stays stubbornly high.

Detroit signed up for $1.6 billion in loan deals exposing the city to finical risk they knew Detroit could not afford to take.
Detroit’s public employee’s salaries, heath insurance and retirement pension payments were excessively generous and expensive and unsustainable forcing Detroit into bankruptcy.

Detroit is a city sustained by federal and state welfare payments, Food Stamps(SNAP) and unemployment checks.

Detroit is a city with a huge percent of it’s citizens unemployed. Many unemployed are not seeking employment satisfied to set at home waiting for their next welfare check and Food Stamps(SNAP). A high percentage of the unemployed prefer to set at home rather than go to work for a minimum wage paycheck.

Tell the truth, calling Fat People Fat will get you band from FaceBook

Source Fit mom Maria Kang banned from Facebook over obesity comments

Maria Kang, Mother of three was temporarily banned from Facebook after comments she made about obesity (Fat People) went viral.

Maria Kang, post was taken down within three hours of going viral. Facebook then shut down her account, saying her words constituted “hate speech.”
What a bunch of Bull Shit!
Lookout! Here comes Facebook’s ‘Thought Police’ That bunch of Facebook Political Correct Speech Police, should be fired at sunrise or sunset, which ever comes first.
Fat Women and their Fat Kids protest Maria Kang telling the truth!

Best thing to do is simply Do Not Log on to or use Facebook during the month of December. Better yet do not log onto or use Facebook during the year 2014….

Prophet Muhammad’s Islamic terrorist followers – shouted “God is great”

Source Islamic followers destroy 240,000 bottles of beer in Nigerian city

Islamic terrorist shouted “God is great” as an earthmover shattered 240,000 bottles of beer in a widening crackdown in Nigeria’s northern city of Kano. Alcohol is banned under Islamic Shariah law.

New York City Mayor (I’m an Idiot) Michael Bloomberg Wants To Ban Styrofoam

Source Bloomberg wants to ban Styrofoam
The bill to outlaw Styrofoam was introduced by Brooklyn Councilman Lew Fidler and has the support of Speaker Christine Quinn and Letitia James.

Nanny Bloomberg’s (last power grab before leaving office) initiative that will hike consume prices with more costly alternative take-out products. Bloomberg said “When polystyrene foam is used for food service it becomes a devastating pollutant that infects our parks and waterways.”

Rosemary Nunez, owner of La Nueva Estrella El Castillo restaurant in Brooklyn said “This is just another example of the mayors administration trampling on the interests of the people who create jobs in this city.”

The American Chemistry Council said “replacing foam cups and trays with the lowest cost alternatives would cost $91.3 million. The trade group study said there are 1,215 employees in the Styrofoam industry in New York City whose jobs would are at stake if a New York City Styrofoam ban is imposed.

Walmart Food Drive – Employees helping others during the holiday season

Source Activists charge Walmart food drive shows greed, not compassion
Purple and orange bins have been placed in an employees only area of the world’s largest retailer’s Atlantic Boulevard location. A poster on the bins read “Please donate food items here so associates in need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.”

Norma Mills, an Anti-Walmart organizer Should Stop Her Whining, Stop being an old faction bitch and Donate a few cans of food in the bins herself to help someone in need this Holiday season.

Doctors tackle obesity should not blame patients for being fat (Total BS)

Source Don’t blame patients for being fat
What a crock of crap. It’s damn sure not my fault those that under exercise and over eat are Fat!

UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) warned that the obesity epidemic is placing a “huge strain” on the NHS and recommend that program’s address people’s diet, activity levels and behavior.

25 percent of adults in England are classified as obese(fat), and a further 41 per cent of men and 33 per cent of women are overweight(fat).

Obesity(fat) is linked to a host of health problems including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer, and is estimated to cost the NHS about £5.1 billion each year.

UK Minister Owen Paterson Calls His GM (Golden) Rice Opponents Wicked People

Source GM ‘golden rice’ opponents wicked
What a world class butt hole.

UK Minister Owen Paterson (environment secretary) Demonizes anyone that disagrees with his views on Genetically Modified (Golden) Rice as being wicked people.