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Pee(urinate) In The Shower To Save Water

:-) You Can’t make This Stuff Up.

Source students urged to urinate in shower

University students are being urged to urinate in the shower in a bid to save water.

The Go with the Flow campaign is the brainchild of students Debs Torr and Chris Dobson, from the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich.

They want the university’s 15,000 students to take their first wee of the day while having their morning shower.

Mr Dobson, 20, said the idea could “save enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool 26 times”.

School Punishes A Child For Sharing Food

California boy gets detention for sharing school-prepared lunch with another student

American Hero Kyle Bradford, a student at Weaverville Elementary School in Weaverville, Calif., was disciplined after sharing his chicken burrito with a friend who didn’t like the cheese sandwich he was given by the school cafeteria lady!

Kyle Bradford said “It seemed like he(his friend) couldn’t get a normal lunch (from school lunch lady) so I just wanted to give mine to him because I wasn’t really that hungry and it was just going to go in the garbage if I didn’t eat it.

Tom Barnett, the Superintendent(lunch room food terrorist) of the Trinity Alps Unified School District said “because of liability(insurance) we cannot allow students to exchange meals.

This Son Of A Bitch or maybe he’s just an old bastard but either way him and the school lunch lady are more concerned about pleasing the school insurance agent than providing healthy meals to their students.

Everyone employed by this school from the Superintendent to the Nazi acting Lunch Room – food police – should be fired and replaced by real caring humans.

This type of action to feed a hungry child is not what I expect from School administrators at all levels. These are not the actions of intelligent caring public employees.

Stupid In School

village-idiot Source School tells Missouri boy his 9/11 souvenir violates school weapons policy

Roger Feagan, the superintendent of the Norborne R-VIII School District is simply put a silly SOB that’s to stupid to be a school superintendent.

Punishing a child for bring a souvenir shell casing handed out by veterans at a 9/11 ceremony to school is a Stupid act by an Ignorant person.

Roger Feagan should be suspended without pay for a period not less than 14 days. The local school board should review his records and determine if he should remain employed by this school system.

30 Percent Of NFL, Football Players Suffer Brain Damage

Source 3 in 10 NFL retirees to face cognitive woes

Lawyers are getting rich suing NFL, NHL, WWF and other sports organizations.

To Protect Future Sports players. All contact sports such as football, soccer, hockey, wrestling Must Be Banned.
School sports programs are more dangerous than being a soldier, fighting in war zones.

Lawyers say, 14 percent of all former (NFL) players to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and another 14 percent to develop moderate dementia over the next 65 years, according to the data. There are more than 19,000 former players still living, meaning nearly 6,000 of them will fall into those two groups. Another 31 men will be diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and 24 with Parkinson’s disease during their lives.

NFL (Lawyers) predicted that 28 percent of all retired players will qualify for an award, while estimating rates for some illnesses will be at a far greater rate than the general population and strike much earlier in life. The proposed settlement includes $675 million for player awards, $75 million for baseline assessments, $10 million for research and $5 million for public notice. It wouldn’t cover current players.

To Protect Future Sports players. All contact sports such as football, soccer, hockey, wrestling Must Be Banned. Grade school, High school and University students will still be allowed to play non-contact sports such as chess, dominoes, card games and spelling bees.

School Principal Bans Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches

village-idiot-September-2014 Source No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
You can’t make this stuff up.

This week we have two(2) Ventura High School, California school administrators competing for my Village Idiot of the week award.

Principal Val Wyatt, Ventura High School and Trudy Tuttle Ariaga, superintendent of the Ventura Unified School District.

Both are in agreement that the Ventura high school foot ball team must forfeit an estimated $1,600.00 that would be raised with the help and donations from The local Chick-fil-A franchise.

Student Loans – Cosigner Is Equally Responsible To Pay Loan Balance

Source Couple being forced to pay deceased daughter’s student loans
Steve Mason said he and his wife, who had co-signed the student loans.

Steve Mason admits knowing that if his daughter defaulted on loan payment(s) he and his wife would be responsible to pay student loan(s).

News Flash. Steve Mason, stop your damn whining and pay student loan(s) that you willingly Co-signed.

Illegal Aliens Invade United States

illegal aliens Illegal immigration(Illegal Aliens) on the scale US is (currently) experiencing is an invasion, not immigration.

Where the hell is Obama and the U.S. Congress??
U.S. Constitution: Article IV, Section 4
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.